About PVLB

The Mission of the Program

A Legion Baseball Program has been in existence in Collegeville since the early 1970’s. In the past, the Program has been run more on an individual team basis. To help improve the experience for our players, we are creating a more unified Organization that focuses on player development as they move through the program.

What is Perk Valley Legion Baseball?

Players who reside within the Perkiomen Valley School District are eligible to play in the Perk Valley Legion Program. You don’t need to attend the Perkiomen Valley School District, so players that attend private or parochial schools can play Perk Valley Legion Baseball.

It does not matter where you’ve played your Youth Baseball. Central Perk, Lower Perk, School, or AAU players have an equal opportunity to compete for Roster Spots.

The Legion Program offers competitive baseball. Our goal is to create a program that attracts the best baseball players in the Perkiomen Valley School District and help them improve.

What are the goals of the Perk Valley Legion Program?

The following are some of the goals of the Perk Valley Legion Program:

  • To have a quality Legion baseball program for ages 13 thru 19 – To help develop players and prepare them for High School and College Baseball
  • Offer an off season program to develop fundamentals and improve individual skills
  • Teach players the importance of the mental side of baseball. Help players develop a mental toughness during competition that will allow them to perform their very best.
  • Participate in local and travel tournaments outside of the regular Legion Schedule
  • Showcase players to raise visibility for College Baseball.
  • Work with the Perkiomen Valley High School Baseball Program
  • Work with Lower Perk Little League and Central Perk Youth Baseball